What Macron’s Victory Means For France, EU

France President Emmanuel Macron broke a 20-year jinx on Sunday after becoming the first president to win re-election.


Macron defeated his closest rival, Le Pen in a runoff after he secured 58 percent of the votes as against Le Pen’s 41.5.

The charismatic politician has now received his country’s mandate to serve as president for another five years.

But what does his victory mean for France, the European Union and the world?

What should France citizens and European countries expect from a man who in his victory speech promised not to misuse the trust imposed on him “after 5 years of transformations”?

Rejection of Far Right Ideology

The back to back presidential win of Macron is a rejection of the far right ideology embodied by his main opponent, Marine Le Pen, who has now been defeated twice– 2017 and 2022 presidential elections and runoffs.

The far right movement primarily focuses on national economic growth and deplores the concept of globalization which Macron firmly proposes.

Unity Of France

Macron won the election with (58.5%) 18,779,641 vote count which is over 5 million above that of Le Pen’s 13,297,760 (41.5%) votes, but the result shows a polarized country.

Macron admitted this much when he declared after his victory: “To those who voted for me, not to support my ideas but to block those of the extreme right, your vote obliges me. This evening, I am no longer the candidate of one camp, but the President of all.”

Restructuring Of France


In one of Macron’s reelection campaign promises, he vowed to restructure the country militarily ( in light of the Russia/Ukraine war) and economically so as to withstand outside threat and make the country self-sufficient in energy, technology and agriculture.

“Many of the things that we have to do today, in a time of crisis, and that we will have to do in the coming months and years will structure the life of our country in the long run,” he said.

Recall that during his first term in office, Macron established new reforms in France’s labor laws.

One of the labor laws states that companies are not bound by the salary and wage agreement determined by unions.

Job seekers and members of staff are expected to independently negotiate salaries and every other agreement with their firm. This will likely continue.

Victory for EU

After Macron’s victory on Sunday, most leaders of European countries described it as good news for Europe, implying his role in entrenching brotherliness across the continent.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi called his victory a “wonderful news for all of Europe”, while German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Macron’s reelection” sent a strong vote of confidence in Europe ”.

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, points out Macron’s crucial role in the continent by adding that with his leadership, “we need a solid Europe and a France totally committed to a more sovereign and more strategic European Union.”

Continuous Mediation In Russia / Ukraine Conflict

Macron has been at the forefront of mediation efforts between Russian and Ukraine governments since the start of Russia aggression on February 22, 2022.

Macron even used the Ukraine conflict in his campaign for reelection, vowing he would continue to speak with the warring countries.

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