Singer Teni Clashes With Plus-Size Actress Monalisa Over Weight Loss Remark

Nigerian singer, Teni Apata, has slammed media personality and actress, Monalisa Stephen, over the latter’s response to her earlier comment on why she (Teni) decided to lose some weight.


Teni had taken to her Instagram page on Sunday to share a video of her transformation and weight loss journey.

The ‘Uyo Meyo’ crooner explained that she sheded 75 pounds of flesh without surgery to stay healthy and alive.

In the video captioned “If you ever need inspiration, I’m right here. Start now,” the music star said, “I realised you only have one life. Me, I don’t want to die. If you need inspiration, look at me. Impossible is nothing!! Happy New Year 23.”

But apparently reacting to Teni’s post via her InstaStory, Stephen cautioned the singer against mocking fat people.

In her words, “stop putting fat people up for dragging. We live and survive like everyone. Lose weight but stop the BS.


“It’s not in your place to tell people what to do with their bodies. Lose weight if it’s affecting you but don’t assume I am unhealthy because I am fat. Fat is not the problem. Fat Stigma is.”

Teni did not hesitate to hit back at the plus-size actress, tweeting “I ain’t going back and forth with no dumb Monalisa, that ain’t who Lojay sang about.”

The singer who turned 29 on December 23, 2022, is the younger sister of Nigerian singer, Niniola.

Last week, Stephen revealed in an interview that she has been a victim of stigmatisation in the movie industry because she is plus-size.


“How many movies in Nigeria do you see a plus-size girl being a lady or a babe? How many? We don’t have. In an industry that’s already preaching to me that the normal size is for you to be curvy or be a size 8 or 10,” she said.

“What do you want me to do? I can only fight. I’m actually the one fighting for my space. No help and I know that I’m lucky. I’m like one woman in thousands of women that want to come up but can’t.

“That’s why I’m trying to do everything and know that it’s okay to fight your way. But being plus-size and trying to be in the media in Nigeria, you are going to suffer,” she said during an episode of the ‘Of Blood, Bones and Water’ podcast hosted by former BBNaija reality TV star, Angel Smith.


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