UNIABUJA Female Students Protest ‘Invasion’ Of Hostel By CCTV Cameras

Female students of the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) have expressed concern over ‘invasion’ of their privacy by the university authorities which allegedly installed closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in their hostels.

Some of the female students who spoke to THE WHISTLER alleged that CCTV cameras were installed in their hostel upon resumption for the new session, claiming that that the cameras were positioned at the entrance and corridors of the new female hostel at the institution’s main site, along Abuja airport road.

The students said they felt uncomfortable at such intrusion into their privacy at a time the country is facing serious security challenges.

A student who pleaded anonymity, said that though CCTV cameras can aid security, the privacy of girls should also be considered.


“It’s going into the privacy of the people inside now, and it depends on who is watching; if it’s a mistress its good but it is not good if it’s a male security that would be viewing it.

“My concern is the hands or desk it would go through and who is looking at it; that should be the only thing they should look into,” she said.

Another female student asked for the removal of the CCTV cameras, adding that the hostel is like home to her and she needs to freely express herself.

“It’s not a good idea to put a CCTV in female hostel; it’s just like our house and we are not comfortable with the fact that we are been captured or been watched.

“If they can get rid of them, it will be the best,” she said.


This is coming after THE WHISTLER reported that students of UNIABUJA had grumbled at the recent increment of tuition fees imposed by the school’s management in 2020.

However, the university’s head of information, Habib Yakoob said he had no knowledge of the installation of cameras in the female hostel.

 “I am not aware that there are CCTV cameras installed in those hostels that is violating their privacy.

“I must confess I haven’t seen any CCTV Camera there,” he said.

But the students said Yakoob was not saying the truth as the  CCTV cameras were installed in the hostel shortly before the students resumed for the current semester.

President of the Student Union Government (UNIABUJA), Aluta Famous, who spoke to our correspondent, confirmed that there are CCTV cameras placed at the new hostel but he added that it was not installed inside the girl’s rooms.

He said the new development is for the security of the students n view of unsavory events going around the hostel.

“CCTV camera is placed at the new hostel, not inside the girls’ hostel; the CCTV covers outside the park side of the hostel and also the entrance of the hostel, the passage entrance and also the common room

“It is not at the staircase or inside their rooms; not inside the girls’ hostel, it is outside; I went there myself to check.


“And all these things are important for the security of the students; we know what is going on around the hostel,” he said.

Furthermore, UNIABUJA’s students urged the school authorities to fast track the infrastructural development of the school by building more classrooms to aid learning.


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