Last Letter To The President

Presidential Villa,
Aso Rock
Federal Capital Territory,

7th January 2018

Dear Mr President Buhari,

I would like to use this opportunity to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. May our country grow from strength to strength under your stewardship. I also extend my warm regards to your wife. It is obvious that she is doing a great job as your health has done an about turn , you are even looking younger.I read about the unfortunate motorcycle accident that your son had. Our family and other Nigerians are praying for total healing for him.

I have been receiving a lot of information via social media extolling the virtues of your administration. I see these things as nothing but propaganda.

One year ago, I was asked whether you should seek a second term, my answer then was ‘NO’. I still maintain the same position. I am glad to report that the economic atmosphere which nearly wreaked havoc on the country in 2015 has somewhat been brought under control by your Government. Your Government has also learnt from its past mistakes by placing less blame on the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan for everything. Even the dreaded Boko Haram has been given a run for its money. These are substantial achievements to cheer about. Nonetheless, these achievements will not earn the votes of the rest of Nigeria which you need to win the fast approaching general election.

Apolitical Nigerians feel offended by the pogrom being unleashed across every nook and cranny of the country on communities and farmers by herdsmen. Nigerians have watched with concern, the silence and inaction of your Government over this issue.They place this problem at your door step.

You are assured of the votes from your fanatical followers and stronghold but your support is ebbing and haemorrhaging everywhere else in the country. Don’t believe those that say that you are God sent because it isn’t true. They are like sirens that draw sailors at sea into the rocks.

Rewind back, prior to your successful outing in 2015,your stronghold always stood by you but every other section of the country rejected you .Your position on a crucial issue like restructuring the country belies the past and justifies on going criticisms about your political leanings. There is no conversational intercourse between you and the youth of this country. Musicians, actors and social media activists do not represent the youth. Your administration has been indecisive and slow in making decisions.

Nigeria wanted anything but President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 and it got a change in the APC. Unfortunately, your party came in without a clue about governance and spent almost the entire first year without a cabinet, the remaining years were spent with an incommunicado administration. Our country has been like an orphan .

There is no need for campaigning at this point , every voter has made up his mind. Despite the millions of dollars earmarked for the elections, they will only end up in far away countries in personal accounts.

Every challenge and problem has a solution and an anti dote. On this one, it is performance. If some of the key issues raised could be aggressively dealt with , then may be , there could be a true cacophony and broad array of voices singing in chorus ‘ FOUR MORE YEARS’ . But personally, I think there is a time for everything , what should be important to you now is to finish this term well.

I strongly recommend that you should to send an independent person to go outside your enclave and feel the pulse and mood of the nation.

My parting gift Sir, lest I forget , you can still count on my one vote – for now !!!

Assurances of my highest esteem,
Yours Sincerely,

Ayo Kusamotu

P.S My new year’s resolution is to mind my own business. It is unlikely that I send any more unsolicited letters to you.Having studied the political atmosphere , there seems to be wisdom in staying outside the fray and shunning politics entirely.

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