We Are Prepared To Handle Covid-19 Third Wave-CMD National Hospital

Following the fears of a third wave of the coronavirus  in Nigeria, the Chief Medical Director, National Hospital, Abuja, Jaf Momoh has assured that the facility is prepared to handle the third wave.

Nigeria in the last few days have seen increase in the number of coronavirus cases recorded, following the confirmation of the presence of a delta variant. 

Speaking at the launch of Cochrane Nigeria, a British international charitable organisation formed to strengthen medical research findings, Momoh said that the National Hospital as well as all general hospitals and teaching hospitals were prepared for a third wave.

He also insisted that the non-pharmaceutical guidelines such as washing hands, wearing masks, avoiding crowded places, among others remained the most effective measures.

The CMD, speaking further, said that the launch of the Cochrane Nigeria wouldn’t have come at a better time than now,  as need for research span through nations of the world, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He noted that the rapid growth in vaccine production was a proof of the importance of research.

“In terms of vaccines, research is key like you have seen in the novel coronavirus. Because the disease was new, there was no vaccine but research was accelerated by funding which led to the quick development of vaccines across the world,” he said.

The Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme, Mohammed Sambo, in his remark urged stakeholders in the health sector to insist on the implementation of the Algiers declaration. 

The Algiers Declaration on health systems recommended that three percent of the total health budget be committed to research.

According to him, “There is the Algiers Declaration on health system research which recommends that three per cent of the total health budget should go into the health care delivery services. 

“So, I think the health care experts should insist that the resolution of Algiers Declaration should be implemented so that at least three per cent can be channelled from every health budget into research.”

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