Long Periods Of Sleep Harmful For Men – Study

A new study has disclosed that while extra minutes of sleep in the morning is healthy for women, it is harmful for men.

The study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, sated that women require longer periods of sleep to lower their risk of diabetes. but that was the opposite for men because the act would only expose them to a high risk of diabetics.

Dr Femke Rutters, from the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam, said: “In a group of nearly 800 healthy people, we observed sex-specific relationships between sleep duration and glucose metabolism.


“In men, sleeping too much or too little was related to less responsiveness of the cells in the body to insulin, reducing glucose uptake and thus increasing the risk of developing diabetes in the future.

“In women, no such association was observed. This research shows how important sleep is to a key aspect of health,” he explained.


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