Germany Shooting: Two People Confirmed Dead, Gunman Arrested

German police have confirmed the arrest of an 18-year-old German man, after he shot dead an elderly woman and a cyclist in the Balvarian city of Ansbach, Southern Germany.

It was gathered that the gunman was firing from a silver Mercedes Benz. He however escaped after the shootings but the police used a helicopter to track him down at a petrol station in Ansbach.


The gunman first opened fire on an elderly woman aged 82, in the town of Tiefenthal, after which he shot a male cyclist, who also died.
The unidentified man also shot at a pedestrian and another driver, but neither were injured.

According to a local newspaper, the mayor of Leutershausen, Siegfried Hess, said he was shocked by the attack.

“In a place with 5,500 inhabitants, where we have always lived quietly, you only know about such situations from the television,” he said.
He also said he couldn’t fathom how something of this nature could occur in their peaceful community.

The motives of the gunman is unclear as at the time of filing this report but it is thought he may have attacked because of personal reasons.

The Police suspects that the dead woman is related to the gunman. The suspect’s identity has however not been released.


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