Harrysong Apologises To Kcee, Returns To Five Star Music

The brawl between estranged Five Star music label mates, Harrisong and Kcee, seems to have subsided as the duo are said to have put their differences behind them.

Harrysong, who sometime back dumped the Five Star Music to create a new label ‘Alter Plate’ record, on Thursday publicly apologized to Kcee and Five Star Music.

“I want to say I’m sorry Kcee, I’m sorry to Five Star Music for all the statements I said in anger, I’m sorry. I miss my family, you don’t expect me to be fighting with my family forever. Kcee and E-Money I love you so much. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m back to my family,” he wrote on Instagram.

He further went ahead to delete all information linking him to ‘Alter Plate’ on his social media handles and replacing it with Five Star Music.

Prior to this moment, both the Five Star Music management and Harrysong side have been in and out of police station with series of allegations and counter-allegations.

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