Lagos Deploys Drones To Combat Crime

As part of measures to tackle rising crime in the state, the Lagos State Government has concluded plans to deploy drones as well as install 1,000 CCTV surveillance cameras across Lagos as part of the efforts to effectively monitor developments and collect data in the state.

State Commissioner for Science and Technology, Mr. Olufemi Odubiyi, revealed this during a chat with the media in Lagos.


“The use of unmanned drones to effectively receive updates and monitor developments in a megacity of our size may also not be out of place,” he said.

According to Odubiyi, there was urgent need to upgrade and add to the existing 1,000 CCTV cameras in the state to complement the other crime prevention initiatives of the government which include the Security Trust Fund, Street Signage, House Numbering and the provision of three-digit number for emergency calls.

He said the present administration is set to deploy technology to dispassionately drive efficient allocation and development of resources, adding that his ministry would soon embark on the re-configuration of the Enterprise GIS platform to make it more user-friendly, accommodate all government agencies, thereby enhancing informed decision making and better citizen-government relations.


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