Man Faces Heartbreaking Choice Between Saving Pregnant Wife Or Unborn Baby

It should have been the happiest day of his life, but instead Frederick Connie had to make an impossible choice.

His wife Keyvonne Connie had gone into early labor and began hemorrhaging inside their home in Littleton, Colorado.

When they rushed to the hospital, doctors told Frederick he had to decide between saving his wife or daughter.


Frederick chose what he thought his wife would want him to do. On the same day that he welcomed his baby girl into the world, he lost the love of his life.

Keyvonne hadn’t been due to give birth until the middle of January.

But last Friday she went into early labor, and Frederick knew something was wrong immediately.


‘I’m like, “Are you okay? And I see blood everywhere,’ he told KDVR.

They rushed to the hospital, where Frederick was asked to make an impossible choice.


‘It was either give her the surgery first that may save her life, but you’re going to lose your daughter, or your daughter can be saved but there’s a chance you might lose your wife,’ he recalled.

Frederick knew how his wife felt about children, and decided that she should have the emergency C-section to save their daughter.

‘I’m glad I made that decision because in the end if Keyvonne probably could have survived, she would have hated me for the rest of my life,’ he said.

Keyvonne survived the C-section and was able to see pictures of her baby girl. Just a few minutes later, Frederick lost his wife.

‘Literally all of her insides just went all over the bed and floor,’ he said.


‘They tried [to save her] and her heart couldn’t take it. She died before they could even get her to surgery.’

Now Frederick has been left to pick up the pieces for the little girl he named Angelique Keyvonne Connie, who he calls ‘Pooder’ for short.

‘I gave her her mom’s name,’ he said. ‘She’s going to know her mom. I’ll make sure of that.’

Pooder is still expected to spend up to a couple of weeks in the hospital, where she is being fed with donated breast milk.


The nurses have gifted her clothes and Frederick was even given a room in labor and delivery following the tragic loss of his wife.

‘I’m the only man to ever have a room in the labor and delivery,’ he said. ‘The mothers there said it was okay.’

Frederick is still learning how to change diapers, but said he plans to be a ‘full-time father’ to Pooder.

‘I’m a foster child myself you know,’ he said. ‘I don’t know my parents real well. For Pooder to have me is a big deal.’

Frederick will only begin planning Keyvonne’s funeral after his daughter comes home from the hospital.

The new father is already struggling with debt and said he will sell all his possessions and sleep in his car if he has to for Pooder.

‘I’m financially not okay,’ he said. ‘This debt is piling up and I have to bury my wife, my daughter coming into the world, it’s so high right now.’



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