Nigerian Politicians Want To Remain In Office To Cover Corruption – Clergy

The pastor of Assemblies of God Church, International Worship Centre, Abuja, Emaka Eze, has said Nigerian politicians are fond of sitting tight in office out of fear of being probed for corruption.

The clergy said this during his first Sunday sermon of 2020 titled “Grace Beyond Disgrace”, where he alleged that politicians don’t want to leave office so that they will not be disgraced.

Recall that in the 2019 general election, many incumbent office political holders went to the polls to seek re-election.


Some state governors vied for the senate, with the likes of Rochas Okorocha who vied to represent Imo West in the senate, allegedly attempted to impose his son in-law Uche Nwosu as governor of the state. 

Eze in his message alleged that most Nigerian politicians won’t want to totally vacate office because they are scared of being probed.

 According to him, “People are afraid of the unknown, the reason a governor will allow his son in-law to take over from him is so that he will not be prosecuted.” Eze added that: “When they (politicians) become the governor, they will desire to be senators, the next will be to become a president and eventually when one person becomes the president, he will seek to amend the constitution for a third term.

“Or the next option will be for him to plant someone close to him so that he can still be politically relevant.” 

He went on to note that the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria makes it mandatory for public office holders to leave office after a fixed tenure, but said however some will plant their friends or allies as their replacement while others will go to the extent of planting their “son in-law” in office.Hide quoted text


According to him, “Some governors in the past attempted to bring their son in-law to take over from them.” 

He further urged politicians to vacate office with their shadows when due and let their legacies speak. 

Eze further called on Nigerians and politicians alike to embrace true patriotism as position is never sufficient and the only thing sufficient enough is God’s grace.

He enjoined Nigerians to desist from lusting after what is pleasing to the eye adding such action could impede both spiritual and economic growth.

“One of the things that will deny somebody what he dies in the year 2020 is when he goes by the things that are pleasing to the eye. 

“If you are a man and you see a woman that is not your wife, run away from her or you see money in your Office that does not belong to you, but is appealing to your eyes, run away from it, because what does not belong to you cannot prosper you.” He said. 

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