Piggyvest Customers Panic After Man Claimed Company Unsafe

Customers of Fintech platform, Piggyvest, are currently panicking over news that the company is having issues with safety of funds.


Piggyvest is an online savings platform that makes saving possible by combining discipline plus flexibility.

The company came under attack on Sunday leading to huge panic among their customers.

The panic began after a Twitter user @Adebanj0_TA claimed the customers’ fund with the fintech firm was no longer secure.”

He alleged that “seeing the money in the account isn’t the problem actually. Withdrawing it and your bank account getting credited is the main thing.”

The news went viral thereby causing panic among customers who have either invested or have their savings on the platform.

But the fintech company denied the rumor and called it ‘fake.’


Piggyvest said, “Our attention has been drawn to some rumours making the rounds about Piggyvest.

“Please note that Piggvest will never compromise the funds of any users in any eway.

“All Piggyvest user funds are safe and secure as always. No user funds have experienced any loss of any kind, nor will they experience anything of any kind.”

Reacting to the development on microblogging site Twitter, the Piggyvest  customers and other Twitter users expressed how the development would affect Nigerians if it was true.

@VictorIsrael_ said, “If PiggyVest makes a mistake to crash, most weddings won’t be held again this December.”

@bigbrutha_ said, “If I’m Piggyvest CEO, and softcom CEO will have to explain why his staff is tweeting disinformation about my company in an official capacity while promoting him.”

@is_salsu said, “The way you guys were tweeting about PiggyVest, I had to check my PiggyVest to make sure my money is still there. Faced with tears of joy, you people want to give me a heart attack. I trust PiggyVest sha, my money will always be safe so no cause for alarm. Our money will always be safe.”

@Tunnykvng reacted, “Everytime I see PiggyVest on the trend table, I go down on my knees and pray before checking why they’re trending.”

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