RCCG Memo: PFN Asks All Churches To Create Politics Department Ahead Of 2023

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has urged churches in the country to emulate the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) by creating a department to coordinate the mobilisation of their members for elections. 

The PFN’s call came days after a memo by the RCCG leadership directing its churches across the country to create the Directorate of Politics and Governance surfaced online. 


The pentecostal church with more than five million members and over 32,000 parishes across the country had said  “the essence of this directorate is to help coordinate the engagement of our people who are willing to be involved in politics as well as mobilize support for them when required.”

But following the mixed reactions that greeted the move on social media, the PFN has backed the RCCG and asked churches in the country to do the same. 

“This appointment of the RCCG is not in support of any Political candidate at all. We asked for it. I trust other fathers and leaders of the faith would soon follow suit,” The Punch quoted Femi Emmanuel, PFN’s director of national directorate of politics and Governance, as saying in a statement on Sunday. 

“Let no one read any negative or ulterior motives to the memo from RCCG. This is at our request and it is an answered prayer for us in DPG. This is what we have been asking our GOs to do since.  Many more will do so soon as we are in consultation with them.


“PFN/DPG is still at the level of building a grassroots base. We are still far from presenting candidates. Anyone talking of presenting candidates at this point does not know politics. Politics is at the grassroots. You can’t present candidates when you are not at the grassroots. You are at the back of the fence politically speaking.

“Where would you get candidates (Ward Officers) to vote for you at the primaries and party conventions? Is it angels that will vote for you?

“I appeal to All our GOs especially those with national spread and others to do what RCCG just did for us and connect their appointed officers to join us in this great effort as RCCG had done. We are eagerly waiting for others to do the same.”


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