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5 Kitchen Utensils Every Nigerian Woman Should Have In Her Kitchen

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The start of a new year is usually characterised by change – habits, eating patterns, career goals, and countless other things.

This time, we’re upgrading our kitchen utensils.

Here are 5 kitchen utensils every Nigerian woman should have in her kitchen

Food Processor: A food processor is the most handy gadget every kitchen should have. It helps from grinding, to pounding yam (thank me later) and everything else grind able in between.

Non-stick pot/frying pan: There’s nothing more frustrating than washing a pot/frying pan with food stuck to it. Save yourself the time and energy this year and invest in a non-stick pot/frying pan.

Spiraliser: The spiraliser is a tool that turns cylinder-shaped or food items fed into it to a noodles-like form; be it yam, potatoes, plantain or even vegetables. Purely creative

Thermometer: No more guess work to avoid ruining your work especially when you’re making certain recipes that are temperature sensitive, get a thermometer to tell you the exact time to get that chicken out of the frying pan.

Veggie chopper: This is an absolute must-have, from vegetables, fruits, nuts, boneless meat, veggiechop will chop them all.

Ladies, let’s upgrade to these cooking utensils this new year. It will make our cooking faster and less stressful.