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Mistress Cuts Off Married Lover’s Penis For Failing To Divorce His Wife

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A man has had his penis cut off by his lover for failing to divorce his wife as promised.

The victim was seen running from his hotel room and bleeding after his mistress cut off his penis after an argument about him failing to divorce his wife to be with her.

The 50-year-old businessman identified as Liu from Hangzhou began an affair with a woman about 30 years younger than he is and repeatedly promised to divorce his wife to start a new life with her.

However 5 years into the affair, Liu was yet to keep his promise to his lover identified as Zhang and she became increasingly frustrated and annoyed by his constant excuses for not keeping his promise.

On the day of the incident they checked into an hotel room as usual and minutes later they got into an argument then Zhang cut off his penis with a scissors and fled the room.

An employee at the hotel told police that she heard the couple screaming in their room after which she saw the woman rushing out. She then saw Liu covered in blood.

Police got to the scene and found the Liu’s penis and a pair of scissors on the bed in the hotel room.

The woman fled the scene and the hysterical man ran out of the hotel without clothes. People took photos of the naked man as he ran in the streets then shared it on social media.


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