‘They’re Selfish’ — Northern Youths Reject Atiku, Tinubu

In a fashion never done before, Mr. Peter Obi has shaken up the Nigerian presidential race within nine months of joining a relatively small political party to contend for the top job.


Obi joined the Labour Party in May 2022, days after resigning his membership in the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Ever since, the former Anambra State governor has gained massive support from the youths who look up to him to bring a refreshing change and put the country on the path to prosperity.

His call for Nigeria to have a frugal government and his message of taking the country from “a consuming nation to a producing nation” have equally resonated with many Nigerians.

While Nigeria’s political landscape is often influenced by factors such as ethnicity, religion, and regional affiliations, Obi has managed to garner strong support that cut across the six geopolitical zones of the country.

A credible source in the North told THE WHISTLER that young voters in the region who previously had reservations about supporting a presidential candidate from the South East have suddenly decided to mobilize and vote massively for the LP candidate, citing similar reasons.


“Our youths have said they don’t want Atiku and Tinubu,” said the highly placed northern elder who told this medium that even his own children have declared their intention to vote for Obi during the election on Saturday.

“A sizable number of northern youths believe that an Atiku or Tinubu presidency will not benefit them in any way because they see these politicians as selfish and only after the wellbeing of their immediate families and friends.

“I have been discussing with my children and from what they’ve heard in their circles, the average northern youth believes that voting Atiku or Tinubu (respective candidates of the PDP and APC) means empowering their oppressors and their children to continue to assume that they’re more important than the masses.

“They said the children of these politicians have long been lording it over people from poor backgrounds and making them feel as though they’re not smart, hence the resolution of the northern youths to vote for an outsider that will provide a level playing field for both the children of the rich and poor to thrive,” added the source.

According to him, many northern youths have come to see Obi as someone with integrity and one that will respect them and bring about the much-needed change in the country.


The support the LP candidate is getting started on social media and quickly grew to street rallies in what his supporters dubbed as the ‘Obi Movement’. The movement is made up of individuals who share Obi’s vision for Nigeria’s development and who believe that he has the leadership qualities and experience to address the country’s challenges.

At different meetings with youths, Obi has spoken about his plans to revamp the country’s education system, create jobs for young people, and tackle corruption.

The former governor’s popularity among young Nigerians has not gone unnoticed by his opponents. Some of them have been trying to court the youth vote by promising to create jobs and improve education, but Obi’s message of change seems to be resonating more strongly.

With the presidential election just a few days away, it remains to be seen whether Obi can win the support of enough Nigerians to emerge as the next president. But one thing is clear: he has shaken up the race and is a force to be reckoned with.


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