U.S. Travel Ban Beneficial To Nigeria – Human Rights Activist

It has been viewed that a ban restricting the immigration of Nigerians to the United States could work for the good of the nation, thereby compelling the citizens to brainstorm on ways that would wake up the socio-economic potentials of the country.

Human Rights Activist and Executive Director,
Youths and Environmental Advocacy Centre (YEAC), Rivers, Fyneface Dumnamene, said this in a recent statement on Facebook.

YEAC is a platform that promotes human rights; maternal health and environmental issues bordering on climate change, non violence and campaign against oil theft.

According to Fyneface, the travel restriction should be welcomed if it would make Nigerians to always think home, thereby making them to channel material and intellectual resources towards the betterment of the nation.

“I support that we can travel to US or any other country and return to our own country to contribute and build the nation to make it better.


“I support that we all stay here, join hands together, work and contribute to national development other than packing our things and leave the country, for who to develop?” he added.

He also said that Nigeria would positively improve in all ramifications, if Nigerians pay unique attention to the various needs in the country.

He also added that the ban could be a forceful way to make the Nigerian stakeholders focus on the country’s success.

“Few years from now, we will start reaping the benefits of this US ban of immigration from Nigeria.

“Therefore, I thank the United States for this ban that would compulsorily make Nigerians stay back in our country and contribute to national development,” he said.


“I urge all those who may not be happy with this ban to support and see reasons with the United States, beyond what their reasons for the ban are and think of the benefits and contributions that this ban would bring to bear on Nigeria’s national development in the short, medium and long-run.

“I hereby reiterate my call and invitation of the Niger Delta people and indeed all Nigerians to come, let’s work together for the people and the society,” he said.

The US had included Nigeria is its travel ban, on the basis that it did not meet certain US criteria.

“These countries for the most part want to be helpful; they want to do the right thing, they have relationships with the U.S., but for a variety of different reasons failed to meet those minimum requirements, according to the Acting US Homeland Security Secretary, Chad Wolf.

The federal government of Nigeria had also said it would interact with the US on the issues.

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