Vote Against Impunity, Oppression From APC – Ortom Charges Benue People

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, has appealed to the people of the state to take their destiny in their own hands to vote against alleged impunity and oppression of the APC administration.


He spoke On Tuesday at the palace of the Ter Makurdi while consulting with royal fathers on his reelection.

Governor Ortom claimed that he had identified those who planned to attack the people of the state and reported them to the security agencies controlled by the federal government, but no action was taken even after the attacks and killings.

He stated that the most recent development on the matter includes plans to compromise the Operation Whirl Stroke of the military so that it would no longer stop attacks on the people, adding that only massive voting against the ruling government could register the displeasure of the people of the state and ensure more decisive action.

Governor Ortom stated that if the people failed to take that action, no one would stick out his neck for them in future.

He said he directed chairmen of local governments affected by recent killings this year to forward the names and other statistics of those affected to the press to prove the point.


The Governor listed lack of funds due to the recession that hit the country, social vices and insecurity as major challenges during his first tenure adding that he took actions on all of them promising that his second tenure would be better than the first.

Governor Ortom announced an amendment to the Chieftaincy Law to include tax collectors.

Ter Makurdi, Chief Sule Abenga, assured the Governor of the support of Makurdi people towards his reelection.

Highlights of the occasion included the dressing of the Governor in traditional attire with the approval of spokesmen of the chiefs and tax collectors across the local government area.


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