WARNING! Experts List Symptoms Of Drug-Resistant Super-Gonorrhoea



Public Health England (PHE) has said a drug-resistant Super-gonorrhoea is on the rise in the United Kingdom.


Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmissible infection mainly found in discharge from the penis and in vaginal fluid.

It infects an estimated 78 million people globally each year, according to the World Health Organization.

The health body disclosed that the treatment of the infection has been rendered less or impossible as three of the key drugs used to treat the infection has grown a high resistance.

Health experts however outlined different symptoms for men and women to look out for as both genders can develop the infection in the rectum, throat or eyes by having unprotected anal or oral sex.

Symptoms In Women:

  1. An unusual vaginal discharge, which may be thin or watery and green or yellow in colour
  2. Pain or a burning sensation when passing urine
  3. Pain or tenderness in the lower abdominal area – this is less common
  4. Bleeding between periods, heavier periods and bleeding after sex – this is less common

Symptoms In Men:

  1. An unusual discharge from the tip of the penis, which may be white, yellow or green
  2. Pain or a burning sensation when urinating
  3. Inflammation (swelling) of the foreskin
  4. Pain or tenderness in the testicles – this is rare

PHE further noted that “Gonorrhoea can be serious if untreated, with possible long-term health problems including infertility and pelvic inflammatory disease adding that “the best way to protect you is to always use condoms with new and casual partners.”


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