2019: Atiku ‘More Dangerous’ Than Buhari – Northern Politician

Nigerians have been advised to stick with President Muhammadu Buhari instead of voting a “more dangerous” Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 presidential election.

The advice was given by Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), Balarabe Musa, who has described Atiku as the bigger evil if electorates must choose between him and President Buhari.

Musa told Premium Times that although Buhari has failed Nigerians, Atiku would do worse if voted into power due to his association with past leaders who have allegedly ruined the country.

“Buhari has failed but Atiku will fail even more because of Atiku’s connection with some forces among them former presidents who ‎are on the root of the rot we are now facing in this country,” he said.

“For Atiku to align with them for whatever reason, is more dangerous th‎an Buhari.


“Because all they have to tell Nigerians is that they want to defeat Buhari but is that all Nigerians want to know?

“Nigerians want to know what is the qualitative and demonstrative character and differences between Atiku and Buhari and between APC and PDP.

“There is nothing; so it’s a question of choice between two devils. So the only thing is that if we are faced with such a situation and we can’t have a credible alternative like we had when former President Badamasi Babangida established two political parties.

“One to the left and the other one to the right calling one SDP and the other NRC, and if you want to participate in politics then you have no choice but to select one of the two and there nothing you could do about it.

“So if we still face with that kind of situation today, whether you support Atiku or Buhari or support PDP or APC — which we don’t pray to have such a situation.


“But if we do face such a situation, then it’s better to support Buhari because he is a lesser problem to Atiku.

“Because Atiku with him being rich and with the support of those forces, we will have a greater task in handling him,” he said.

Asked if the Atiku’s experience in running businesses would come to play if elected president, Musa said, “It’s the question of private enterprise versus public enterprise. If we really don’t want to risk this economy, then we have to rely on the state to lead the economy.

“We can’t take up the economy by depending on private enterprise. What is the character of Nigeria’s private enterprise? It’s simple parasitic.

“It was created not even by the colonialists. It’s created by corruption and it was when the military came that we have these corrupt private enterprises.

“The choice of these people that we have now who are the merchants in private enterprise arose from the product of corruption.

“How can you rely on them to build a nation. Whether we like it or not we need a system whereby the state plays a role in the economy.

“Up till 1970, we registered some progress throughout the country on basis of the state controlling the economy.

“Even though we are not saying that there is no private enterprise, but the public and private enterprises should compete under the leadership of public enterprise because it is the public‎ that can control the destiny of the people.


“Not private enterprise that is only interested in profits. Maximization of profits that all.

“Buhari relies on his credibility only but what about Atiku? He relies only on his wealth. Buhari’s level of power to decide ‎as an individual is very limited and you can use democratic process to control him whether he likes it or not.

“But how can you control Atiku who is so wealthy and with the forces behind him. This is why I said it’s better to rely on Buhari despite his failure,” he said.


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