AMAC Planning To Crumble Abuja Businesses With New N100,000 Levy- ACCI

The Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry has accused the Abuja Municipal Area Council and government bodies of plotting to crumble business with their plan to impose N100,000 levy on bakeries and other businesses.

AMAC is planning to impose N100,000 levy on bakeries for use of generator as failure to comply would be considered a “punishable offence.”

“The management of Abuja Municipal Area Council Environment Services Department (ESD) Bodies, wishes to notify you of levy/fees due to Abuja Area Council for Gaseous Emission Permit Limit,” AMAC said in a letter sent to bakeries.

“This includes the discharge of harmful hazardous substances into the air or the land and water in Nigeria by the activities of industries, warehouses, bank, either from generators or heavy-duty, drilling, production, construction and manufacturing equipment, filling stations, etc,” it added.

But the Abuja based Chamber of Commerce said in a statement on Thursday that the levies are irrational with the rising inflation and cost of energy.

The ACCI said, “We call on the leadership of Abuja Municipal Area Council as well as other government agencies to suspend planned imposition of generator and equipment taxes.

Inflation is currently at 17.75 per cent while the cost of power has doubled since 2020.

“Imposition of new taxes like the generator and equipment taxes will not only be additional burden to be borne by business owners, it will accelerate the collapse of more businesses, deepen unemployment and further hike inflation rate in the country,” The chamber said.

The ACCI said the action is not in the best interest of the government and Nigerians.

The Chamber revealed that it has written to President Muhammadu Buhari and other relevant agencies to harmonise taxes for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.

AACI said, “Bakery business across the country are under serious operational challenges due to high cost of raw materials, epileptic power supply and high cost of logistics which have necessitated the steady increase of prices of bread. Consequently, many bakeries have shutdown.”

The chamber added that the planned increase of levies is inconsistent with plans by the Federal Government to make business environment attractive.

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