Chad To Repay $100m Debt To Angola With 75,000 Cows

The government of Chad has agreed to pay back a $100m (£82m) debt the country owes to Angola with 75,000 cows.

This unusual agreement was reached by the two nations on Tuesday, BBC reports.

Angolan newspaper, Jornal de Angola, reported that over 1,000 cows arrived by ship in Angola’s capital, Luanda, as the first payment.

According to the agreement, Sudan would pay the 75,000 cattle over 10 years, representing payment of $1,333 per cow.

Chad is also expected to send 3,500 head cows later this month.

Chad had in 2017 proposed repaying the debt with cattle, and Angola had agreed because it would help the country replace its cattle population which were lost to drought-affected areas.

Oil rich Angola is most times affected by drought which has resulted to the death of livestock in the country

Meanwhile Chad has over 95 million cows, as livestock constituted 30% of Chad’s exports, and is its major means of foreign exchange after oil.

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