Israel Adesanya Loses UFC Titles To Polish Fighter

Nigerian UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, has lost his first ever fight in the UFC to a Polish fighter, Jan Blochwicz, in a bout on Sunday. 

Blochwicz broke Adesanya’s record of 20 wins without losses during the fight that held in Las Vegas, United States. 

The previously undefeated middleweight champion lost by a unanimous decision at the UFC 259. 

Blachowicz, who has a 28-8 fight record, leveraged his superior size, ground control during the fourth and fifth round to deafeat Adesanya.

Adesanya, who looked sharper and more aggressive at the initial moments of the bout, said losses were part of life in a post match press conference.

“Losses are part of life,” Adesanya said, adding, “This is just my first one in MMA. If I was going to lose to anyone, what better guy to lose to than a guy like Jan? Classy champion, cool dude, nice guy. He has a great story to tell. From almost getting cut from the UFC, he becomes a champion and hands this guy, a future legend, his first loss.”

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