Corps Members Serving In UNN Quartered In Rodent-Infested Hostels

Over eighteen corps members currently serving at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, are quartered in the abandoned and dilapidated Zik’s Flats, THE WHISTLER uncovered on Saturday.

Zik’s Flats, located close to the Nsukka Haven of Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Nigeria’s first president, used to be a beehive of activities until their abandonment by the university authorities over inexplicable reasons.

Zik’s Flats consist of twenty detached two-storey buildings with eighteen rooms each. A visit to the buildings revealed that the once-bubbling hostels had been taken over by weeds and rodents. Some of the premises of the hostels have been converted to farmlands.

The only useful building is block A5, where some corps members serving in the institution are quartered.

The dilap quarters

THE WHISTLER observed that the roof of the block is leaking, making occupants of the second floor count their losses after rainfalls.

A corps member, who begged not to be mentioned, said, “This is where we are kept. We are even lucky because some of us didn’t get.

“Corps members have been staying here successively for over a decade. We carry out fumigation of the premises on our own. A set before us were highly threatened by rodents, including snakes.”

A female corps told our correspondent that, “The louvres of the windows are broken. We use cartons and waterproofs to cover them.”

Another one said, “Another problem is mosquitoes. They bite in droves. We however enjoy water supply downstairs. We also have power supply. A security man is also posted here, mainly at night.

“We enjoy staying here despite the shortcomings. We live like one family. I was afraid initially, but I got used to it. Snakes, scorpions and mosquitoes tormented us a lot, but we began to clear the weeds surrounding us.

“We beg the authorities to make here more habitable. We don’t feel abandoned, but here could be made better.”

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