Crab Sold For N17 Million At Auction

Local officials in Japan said on Thursday that a snow crab has been sold to a Japanese bidder at $46,000 (N16.7 million) in an auction to set a new world record.

Winter seafood delicacy kicked off this week in the western Tottori region in Japan where the crustacean was snapped up for a final price of five million yen.

In this period, Japanese buyers pay huge amount to secure a seasonal first at auction, from tuna to melons, with a guaranteed media presence.

Local government official Shota Inamono told AFP of the crab which weighed in at 1.2 kilogrammes (2.6 pounds) and measured 14.6 centimetres (5.7 inches) across. Stating that he was surprised the price at auction was that high.

Inamono said, “The crab this one year beat the memoir imprint closing one year, so we imagine here is presumably the costliest crab within the field,” adding that the government considering   applying for Guinness certification again.


He expressed surprise as the price exceeded last year’s record price of two million yen, which was registered at the time in the Guinness World Records for most expensive crab.

Recall in January, a Japanese sushi entrepreneur paid a memoir $3.1 million for a wide tuna at Tokyo’s recent Toyosu fish market while a single pair of premium melons closing one year fetched a memoir $29,300 at public sale.

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