Don’t Subvert Igbo Presidency, Ohanaeze Youths Urge Political Parties

The Ohanaeze Youth Council, Sunday, appealed to Nigerian youths to support the emergence of a Nigeria president of Southeast extraction in 2023 for the sake of equity and justice.


The council warned that any move against such would be likened to ‘the drum of war’.

The national president of the council, Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, in a release made available to THE WHISTLER in Enugu, urged political parties and the generality of Nigerians not to toe the line of injustice by working against it.

According to him, “My great leaders of all ethnic nationalities, youth leaders in Nigeria, it’s our responsibility to build peace and unity with justice, equity and fairness.

“This is the time Nigeria’s unity matters most in our political history with the new generation leaders as the real stakeholders. Let’s caution the political elite and elders not to subvert justice against the Southeastern people to produce the next president in 2023.

“We must shun the drums of war and crisis. The Nigerian president of Southeast extraction in 2023 is the anti-dote.


“In every element of crisis or war, the youths will fall the greatest victim because we’re the real patriotic Nigerians who believe that with equity, justice and fairness, the unity of Nigeria is inevitable.

“It will launch Nigeria to a better productive and commercial country in the world. To quench this drum of war and crisis will be our greatest achievement, because the greatest negative impact of the crisis will befall on the youths.”

He called for collaborative efforts and unity towards the emergence of an acceptable president in Nigeria come 2023.


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