eNaira: ‘Very Bad App, Not User Friendly’ — Nigerians Slam CBN’s Digital Currency Platform

The Central Bank of Nigeria has officially launched the digitized version of the Nigerian naira called eNaira, along with a mobile application.


The app, which is available to download on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store, has begun to receive mixed reviews from users.

Our reporter tried to create an account on the official ‘eNaira Speed Wallet’ app but encountered some problems.

After providing all the necessary information and tapping sign up, a message popped up and hindered the registration process.

The message read “We have encountered a problem with the BVN validation service, please try again later. Service timed out.”

This reporter also noticed that the date of birth calendar available on the app stops at January 2003, which implies that the minimum sign up age is 18.


However, limiting the calendar to January 2003 means that anyone born between February and December 2003, who are either already 18 or will turn 18 later this year, cannot sign up and use the app.

THE WHISTLER’s further checks on Google Play showed largely negative reviews from users attempting to use the new app.

Some users complained about the fact that they kept receiving a prompt to check their email when there was no email field provided on the sign-up page.

Abdul-Rasheed Folorunsho said, “What nonsense! How do you expect us to trust your handling of our money if you can’t successfully handle the login process to the app? You should do better please… It’s a smear on us all It kept prompting for an email whose space is not provided.”

Emeka Okereafor said, “No email field, and app saying “email cannot be blank”. Your answer no email linked to my BVN. I have done update on my BVN once, can I do a second update on my BVN from my bank of enrollment. This is frustrating.”


Another user, identified simply as Sound Spot said, “I hate nonsense…. Proudly launch what is not working? Just finish signing up, no email field nothing nothing yet you’re asking me to check my email? You expect us to trust you with this play play platform Abi? You guys like stressing us in everything, Why?.. Tooo annoying.”

Other users had complaints regarding different parts of the sign-up process.

Vincent Ifeanyi said, “This enaira is useless why does date of birth stop at January 1 2003 instead of October 2003? My BVN date of birth is January 9 2003 so I can’t sign up. Useless thing.” He left a 1-star review after.

Saifullah Salisu Muhammad, said, “2 stars for now because after signing up, a popping message says email verification sent. I checked the email and nothing there even in the spam folder. Trying to log in also says invalid user name or password. Resigning up says contact support BVN use for multiple attempts. I hope this will be fixed and then we’ll see if it’s worth 5 stars.”

Two users, Ismail Rabiu and Yunus Ishaq Goma, had similar complaints, saying that after attempting to sign up multiple times with no success, the app displayed a message saying “Too many attempts with same BVN. Please contact customer support.”

According to Jeph Ighodaro’s review, he experienced the same problem with this reporter while attempting to sign up. He said, “BVN verification has been impossible. Can’t get through registration”.


John Cletus said, “Disappointed. How can we get things right in this country. After entering all fields to open the account, I was told my first name does not match with record. No problems, I entered it again. The next prompt was that I should contact customer support, that too many attempts from same BVN. Just two attempts has become too many.” He also left a 1-star review.

Yet another user, Yusuf Olorunkumi, said after experiencing difficulty in signing up, he was asked to contact the support centre, but was not given any means to contact them.

“Very bad app, not user friendly I tried to sign up with my bank and I was told to input my first name and last name which I did after inputting my BVN and phone number. The programming was so poor that it can’t reference my name to the name on BVN. Worst of it is, I was told to contact support centre for help but no email, phone number, or Google contacts form available for support… the worst financial institutions is the one that can’t provide immediate solution to financial problems…” he said.

The reviews were not all bad, however, as the app received a few good ones.

Joseph Uneze said, “So far everything works fine and I’m registered! Just hope I can be able to Edith my username and also be able to change my email + associated financial institution. I can’t just be stocked with one option of bank.”

Imrana Muhammad said, “100% Good, Thank You CBN,” while Saifullahi Nasir declared that it is a “good app.”


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