Foreplay Before Sex: See Interesting Nigerians Comments

Lovemaking is one of the actions that bring a spark in a relationship but forgetting foreplay would mean missing out on the best part of the experience.

Before we continue let’s take a quick check on the meaning of foreplay.

Foreplay just like the installation of software would require a set up before the actual process of thrusting commences. It is especially important for women to get the vagina’s wet, slippery and ready for the real game.


Meanwhile, our correspondent spoke to the married and singles on their stand on the matter and here are some amazing reactions.

Mrs. Shalom an entrepreneur speaking from experience said, “It depends on the mood, sometimes you are too horny to play around. Sometimes you need to get every part of your sex organs active so you can engage in foreplay or when you just want a more intimate romance feel with your partner.

“Take myself, for example, Most times my husband comes back from work exhausted and tired but he still wants the company of his wife.


“We start all the kissing and smooching before the sex, other times from door clothes don dey Comot no time for play.”

29 year old Geologist, however, said that foreplay is important and needs to come before sex as “you must first appreciate each other’s body, some people even have a high tendency of reaching orgasm doing that, than actual sex itself.”


Speaking further he said lovemaking is a step by step process, so caressing “will help to build mutual intimacy and then make actual sex more comfortable as it is boring and not romantic enough to just jump into sex.”

Miss Keziah on her own part said foreplay is important as “foreplay without sex is just like drinking only garri and sugar without groundnut.”

Clarifying her opinion, the 23-year-old single lady added that sex without foreplay is not bad, but lack of foreplay makes the moment incomplete.

“Sex without foreplay is incomplete; it is only acceptable for quickies.”

Another respondent, Mr Jeff using illustrations said, “Mechanic says it’s important to warm a car before driving, so I have got to stimulate my wife to get her in the mood or let me say prepare both of us for the main game.


“It is also needed for longevity as a good foreplay means good sex and further leads to getting to the climax.”

On her own part, Mrs Popoola when asked which should come first in lovemaking said, “Foreplay Biko!”

While stating that foreplay “puts the woman in the mood,” Mrs. Popoola said, “For me, foreplay is the main deal. That’s the moment you get to have that connection with your partner. You get to know him or her better in fact.

“You know after the sex, the whole thing just dies down as energy is lost but foreplay allows you spend more time with your partner exploring and more.


“It also helps with easy penetration for the woman. The woman needs to get in the mood and foreplay helps achieve that,” she added.

Meanwhile, a study in the Journal of Sex Research actually found that both men and women crave about 18 minutes of foreplay before sex.

Research undertaken by THE WHISTLER revealed that for most men, sex is just about an erection, taking a flight to meet the gold miner (woman), only to hump about and roll off to sleep, even before the damsel peeps into cloud two.

However, from responses gathered, it can be concluded that foreplay is important for a comfortable intercourse as women need to be kissed, hugged, and caressed to create lubrication in the vagina.


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