How To Make Your Bedroom Ready For Valentine’s Day

Yes, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. You have made plans on the gifts to surprise your special one, but as a couple, is your bedroom Valentine’s Day ready?

THEWHISTLER spoke with Marriage coach and Clinical sexologist, Cecilia Agu of Bedroom Matters International on quick ways to set the stage for romance to ensure your bedroom is made into a scene for red hot romance come Sunday February 14.

Here’s what she suggested:

Keep The Room Clean And Clutter-Free:

Let’s face it, a dirty or cluttered space is never sexy. Agu advises that to help you think of the so many magical things that can occur on that day and how to treat your partner with affection, couple must have a room that is devoid of dust, dirt, or clutters of cloths on chairs.


Lightning is something a lot of people underplay, but it’s one of the most important necessities to make your room sexy and to build up erotic intensity.

She however recommends that couples should have dimmable lights or side lamps that come in different colours.

Clean Bedsheets

You can do everything right, but miss the bus on colours and spoil everything.
On using the right bedding colours, Agu advised women to be intentional in the usage of subtle colours.

She advised against using too dark or multi-coloured beddings.

Though most people love to use designers’ bedsheets, she said colours like white and ash should be used as they have a way to create more brightness to the room.

Agu also advised the use of fur, as it helps to add some texture and luxurious look in the room.


Scented candles are one of the necessities to help the room have a great fragrance. For couples that can’t afford scented candles or those that stay in small apartments, Agu recommends falls candles.

Cooling System

Imagine you are making love with your spouse and you both are dripping sweat, that’s not healthy. So, it’s necessary to have an air conditioning system on or at least a fan. Turn it on before action time to help set the room in the mood.

Apart from putting you in the mood and helping the couple bond, it also helps to mask the noise especially for the loud moaners.

Agu added that playing music that makes you feel sexually confident and empowered will add a romantic zing as good romantic music really turns on the romantic corner of one’s mind.

A Mini Fridge

This is not a necessity but advisable. This will help to store all erotic fruits (strawberry, grapes and apples) the whipped cream, chocolates and ice block to assist in foreplay and teasing.

Agu however advised that couples shouldn’t wait for valentine to switch things up in their love life.