How To Utilize Your Sexual Energy

Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah has given insight on how to transmute sexual energy into a creative energy.


The 29-year-old Bowen University graduate, in a video posted on her YouTube page, shared her view on sexual Energy Transmutation, as she had to contend with a sexual urge for an extended period during a trip to Ghana.

“I was horny for no reason at all,” she said in the video.

“I could just be sitting and I would tell my friends, ‘I’m horny ooo.’ Just like that. I could feel the sexual energy was so intense in my body. It was like the strongest horny I have ever been in my life. Every single day, I was horny. And I knew I had to sit back and try to understand why I was so charged. And I had a couple of shows.

“I had about three, four shows in Accra. And after the first show, I noticed that if I was horny before, I became extra horny after the show because when I’m performing, I mean, sexual is energy.”

Just as different forms of energy are converted to another in order to arrive at a more useful form, Alordiah further explained that “sexual energy is in your body and you can only transform the energy from one form to another. So, I guess what was happening was that I was transforming the sexual energy into performance energy, creative energy when I was performing. And with that, the energy was multiplying.”


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