Moët & Chandon Announces Grand Day

Moët & Chandon has announced that its grand day will hold June 9, 2018, in Lagos.

The event formally known as Moet party day is a day of sparkling celebrations around the globe hosting friends and loved ones for 24 hours, as they raise their champagne glasses in a worldwide toast to the memorable moments that bring joy to their lives.

The annual edition of the festive party planned in over 80 countries in a glittering and extraordinary form, is set to bring together over a million people from Hong Kong, Lagos, Geneva and Montreal.

“This year, Moët & Chandon is bringing the art of the fête to Nigeria. Moët & Chandon Grand Day will be a unique event in which we share the magic of champagne and celebrate a day dedicated to the joys of life.

“And the translation of the French word ‘fête’ literally means ‘party’,” says Elizabeth Oputa, manager of champagne brands at Moët Hennessy in Nigeria.

Moët & Chandon, founded in 1743, is contributed to introduce champagne to the world by offering a range of unique wines for every occasion.

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