No Plan Yet To Expand Our Auto Business Outside Nigeria—Innoson Motors

Nigeria’s biggest indegenous auto manufacturer Innoson Motor Vehicle has said that the company has no current plan to expand outside Nigeria.

The manufacturer said its major target is to consolidate on the Nigerian automobile market.

Founded by Innocent Chukwuma in 2007, the manufacturer has a production capacity of 60,000 vehicles which is powered by its new robotic spraying booth in Nnewi.

The firm has become an indigenous brand which is aggressively becoming an automobile force in the country.

The company on its website said they have signed an MOU with Congo, Mali and Côte d’Ivoire for the establishment of an assembly plant for Innoson vehicles.

But in an interview with Arise Tv, Chukwuma said there was no expansion plan outside Nigeria.

Chukwuma said, “I have a plant in Nnewi and my plant has the capacity of 60,000 vehicles and also I have done two plants already in Nnewi which is enough. I am thinking of doing another one in another zone, but I’m considering any state that is using more of my vehicles. I will send one to that state. Anywhere at all. Anywhere in Nigeria.

“I’m not ready to go out of Nigeria now. I just want to stabilise in Nigeria. My interest is to do it in Nigeria. Let Nigeria work perfectly before doing anything.

“In any state that has been my good customer and buys cars from me, we will set up the plant to produce that one that the state needs so that it will be easy to supply them.”

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