Photo Of NASS Building With Torn Nigeria Flag Attracts Angry Comments On Facebook

A photo of the National Assembly building showing two tattered Nigerian flags has sparked angry reactions on Facebook.


The picture was posted on Facebook by Mudashiru Atanda, a veteran Abuja-based photojournalist.

The photo with the caption: National Assembly with National (Flag) rag, shows the deplorable state of the Nigerian flag which is an insignia of the country’s sovereignty and authority.

In the photo, the Nigerian flag which has green, white green colours, was seen hoisted at the top of the dome-shaped national assembly building. The green colour represents the natural resources of the country while the white colour stands for peace.

The flag was first flown when Nigeria gained its independence from British colonial rule on 1st October 1960.

The two flags looked decrepit, torn and tattered, forcing some Facebook followers of the journalist to post comments.


Reacting to the photo, Olakunle Amosun said,”This is pitiful. Can we sink any lower? They are too busy fighting over leadership positions to attend to this national disgrace.”

Femi Ipaye, another photojournalist asked, “Is the country herself in good shape?”

A Facebook user, Adeshida Yomi, also commented saying, “Only the budget for flags in that place for the last eight years alone is capable of transforming a generation of Nigerians!”

Another Photo journalist, Bayoor Ewuoso, who appeared impressed by the photo, said, “Lens is powerful”


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