South South Cuisine: How To Make Fisherman Soup


Nigerian food is generally very rich and is as diverse as the country!

With over 300 ethnic groups in Nigeria, the country stands as one of the most culturally diverse in Africa.

Naturally, with such diversity comes a wide range of differences in lifestyle, including cuisine.


While many dishes have managed to transcend ethnic borders, they are still known to be indigenous to particular areas.

Fisherman’s soup is a hot, spicy, river fish soup, indigenous to the South South region.

It is currently a delicacy that can be enjoyed in Uyo and other states in the south south region.

Below is how to make the south south delicacy:



Fresh fish

Fresh crabs, Dried fish or smoked fish (or both)

Stockfish (optional)

Shrimps Dried





Spinach or pumpkin leaves

Fresh Basil


Palm oil

Okro (optional)

Salt to taste.


Chop the onions into large chunks, chop the peppers and fresh basil.

Add to the fresh fish, shrimps, crabs, boiled dry fish, the chopped onions and peppers and dried crayfish and allow to cook for five minutes

Add sliced Okro (optional) and cook the soup for another 5-7 minutes until the okro is cooked.

Add palm oil and cook for another five minutes. Wash and chop the fresh spinach or pumpkin leaves and add these to the soup, add the salt to taste and allow to cook for another 5-7 minutes.


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