11 Healthy Smoothie Recipes

From breakfast to dessert!
Smoothies are very quick, healthy kind of drink; they require little preparation (just throw everything in a blender and blend it) and it’s completely ready for consumption.

Smoothie drinks can be taken for a snack or a meal, always go for protein packed fruits and less sugary ingredients.

To make smoothie preparation even easier, keep your freezer stocked with frozen fruit.

Below is a list of some types of smoothie, packed with nutrients vital for your body:

Frothy Chilly Fruit Smoothie
Low-fat yogurt and banana lend this smoothie its creaminess, while frozen strawberries help you pack in your fruit serving quota

Michael Smith’s Power Smoothie
Citrusy orange juice paired with active cultured yogurt, antioxidant-rich berries makes this one powerful, cold-fighting drink.

Jamie Oliver’s Super Smoothies
Whether you’re craving apple and spinach, carrot and mango, almonds and banana, it’s a wonderful combo for boosting your immune system.

Orange Resolution Smoothie
Mango, carrot, peach and pineapple give this smoothie its bright orange hue, while a dollop of Greek yogurt and potassium-packed banana make it super nutritious, it’s very cool for a dinner.

Kiss of Kale Smoothie
Loads of freshly squeezed lemon juice adds an immune-boosting kick to this kale, celery, apple and banana super smoothie, I personally love this combo it aids weight loss.

Silken Tofu, Kiwi, Coconut and Florida Orange Juice Smoothie
Kiwi, orange juice and coconut water gives this smoothie a tropical flair, while the addition of tofu makes it rich, creamy and packed with protein and it also makes your skin glow.

The Big Green Smoothie
Sweet apple juice helps temper the kale, while frozen blueberries keeps this smoothie nice and frosty. Immunity-boosting ginger adds a nice kick to the end of every sip.

Peanut Butter and Banana Oatmeal Smoothie
Get all the energy and nutrients you need to powder you through the day in this oatmeal, banana and peanut butter breakfast-in-a-glass smoothie.

Super-Powered Coconut Energy Smoothie
Coconut and almond milk lends this strawberry and banana-flavoured smoothie a creamy, dairy-free flavour, while giving you a natural boost of energy.

Go-To Green Smoothie
Almond milk and almond butter combine with banana and kale for a dairy-free, protein-packed smoothie,it also boosts immune system.

Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie
this strawberry and almond milk smoothie gets a shot of protein thanks to a generous spoonful of almond butter, this can go for a lunch.

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