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Aggrieved Nigerians Blast Buhari Over Fuel Price Increase, Subsidy Removal

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Aggrieved Nigerians have reacted to the removal of subsidy and the increase in the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) also known as fuel by the Federal Government.

Yesterday, the government jerked up the petrol price from N86:50 to N145, claiming it was the only way out of the exorbitant prices of N150 to N250 Nigerians were subjected to at many filling stations across the country.

But in a swift reaction, Nigerians while expressing frustration over the increment, described the move as inconsiderate, selfish and ill-willed.

A Nigerian, Femi Bellos who spoke to The Whistler said that people will end up spending their income going about their daily activities as the increase in the price of fuel will affect prices of commodities as well as transportation fares.

While lamenting that hardship will definitely hit Nigerian, Bellos noted that the rate of criminality in the country will be increased as people will have to make ends meet at all cost.

He said, “Concerning the increase in fuel price, as much as it is necessary, I think this is ill-timed, because a lot of Nigerians don’t have electricity in their homes, people need fuel to power their generators, so just imagine you need fuel to power your generator, your vehicle, etc, then how much is left of your salary.

“Another thing is that the prices of things in the market is going to double, believe you me! Because the market people will say that they are paying more in fares and also increase in fares also mean an increase in the market prices of items.

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“People would have to spend more going about their daily activities. At the end of the day, trust me, it’s not going to be a good thing. You know Nigeria where we just love to increase prices, nobody likes to reduce prices and unfortunately, that’s what’s going to happen.

“Hardship will be increased on the people. Yes, we are talking about deregulation, we are talking about an open market, but remember that even when it was Telecoms, the first few years, Telecoms was so expensive and what this means is that for the next two years at least, fuel prices will remain at that N145, and it won’t pay the common man.

“I am also hoping that we won’t see an increase in criminal activities because people will be struggling to make ends meet.”

Another source who pleaded anonymity said that the government is not working in favour of the masses, adding that all products in the market has been inflated in just a few hours after the fuel price was increased.

“Whenever anything affects fuel price, it affect everything! This government is wicked.

“And they said they will make fuel 50 naira oh,” the source said.

“Somebody that did an analysis on Buhari said every time he was in power, the masses suffered! We are suffering.

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“Now I have to pay double the price of transport fair to get to the office, is it fair? I am bitter, I am grieved.

“This move will only affect the economy, it doesn’t affect their allowances. No money to fix the roads, no light, we have poor electricity! It was stable before but look at it now. I have to remove my things from the fridge because there is not even 5 minutes of light.

“Won de ma trade blame o,” the source added in vernacular (Yoruba).

One Aminu Adebola, speaking in the same vein said, “Only a few people enjoy the so called subsidy, the metres are tampered with. I think the Federal Government should enforce accurate dispensation of fuel and encourage local refining.

On the lingering fuel queues, Adebola said, “I hate to waste my limited time. Yesterday I spent over 2 hours yesterday just to get fuel therefore making me to miss a vital meeting of the day.

“On that queue I was almost harassed by an angry cab driver who entered through the wrong way and was not given fuel by the management. No enough fuel for my generator because no sale in gallons. Queue is a no no experience!!!!”

Nigerians, therefore, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to reverse the increment in order to avert possible riot.

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