Biafra Is Not Treasonable, Fuelled By Marginalization – Agbakoba

[caption id="attachment_3228" align="alignnone" width="600"]Dr. Olisa Agbakoba (Former President of the Nigerian Bar Association)[/caption]

A former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Dr. Olisa Agbakoba SAN, has said there is nothing treasonable about the agitation for a Biafra Republic, arguing that the clamour for secession is fuelled by marginalization and poverty.

Agbakoba in a recent interview said; “The Biafra thing is not an agitation. People there are very hungry, I am from there. They have been dispossessed and abandoned by different political leaders who deceive them when they come for their votes. APC, PDP and APGA- all kinds of parties deceive them and led them to exactly where they are. The last time I was at the area, I was shocked when I drove around. I was shocked at the level of poverty and unemployment.

“So when somebody who is an elite wants to manipulate them, which is what is going on now, they will fall for it. I think the best case has been explained by Prof. Wole Soyinka. We should not say that this country is indivisible. There is nothing indivisible about Nigeria. If we cannot live together, let us go in pieces. Who is to say that it is indivisible and treason? It is not.”

On what President Muhammadu Buhari should do on the Biafra struggle, the senior advocate stated: “If I were President Buhari, I will first find out what the people are agitating. When I know the problem, then I will know how to deal with it and move on.  The Nigeria configuration, the Nigeria country, needs to be panel-beated around again so that everybody can feel happy.

“You will need to assign space and a room in a country called Nigeria. But right now, 180 million Nigerians are outside, they have no room and they can see a few Nigerians eating very well inside a room. So they wonder if it is not their own meal too. The more they eat, the more these men get angry.

“The wall separating the two is so huge and the elite keep constructing it and they have reached a position where they just ignore the people and do not care about what the people say. They do what they like and say to hell with you because you will collect their money and vote for them. This is the time to deal with the elite.”

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