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British Newspaper Mocks Buhari’s Anti-Graft War Over Daughter’s £26,000 Tuition

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[caption id="attachment_8076" align="alignnone" width="690"]President Muhammadu Buhari[/caption]

A British newspaper, Dailymail, has mocked President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-graft war, imputing that he is insincere given that he sends his daughter, Zahra to £26,000, about N12.4 million-a-year-school in the UK.

The newspaper report came out barely a day after President Buhari is expected in London for a summit on anti-corruption being put together by the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The newspaper which described Buhari as “Self-proclaimed ‘People’s President’” has “failed to give a full account of his worth, but even his partial admission included more than £1million in the bank, five houses and two plots of land.”

According to the report, “the government (U.K) is giving nearly £250million in the coming year to oil-rich Nigeria, whose president sends his daughter to a £26,000-a-year English school.”

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Citing other sources, the dailymail observed that Buhari began a war on corruption after taking power last year, but critics allege it is a political witch-hunt.

Only recently, one of Buhari’s daughters, Hanan, 16, flew first-class from London to Nigeria, despite her father’s ban on officials using premium travel