Buhari Chasing Shadows, Governance Suffering – Kukah

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Mathew Hassan-Kukah, has described the ongoing fight against corruption by President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime as chasing shadows while governance suffers.

The outspoken cleric, in an interview on BBC Hause monitored by thewhistler in Abuja, said the timing for the anti-cog, rather the regime should have focused on basic governance issues and challenges.

Buttressing his argument, the one-time Oputa Panel member said there is no time limit to the investigation of corrupt officers, given that corruption goes beyond stealing to include other day-to-day actions of individuals.

The Catholic priest who had earlier faulted Buhari’s fight against treasury looters, reiterated his call for the government to stabilise the country first, instead of embarking on the long journey of investigation.


“What I said was that, I didn’t say that corrupt officials shouldn’t be probed, but I said, we should put it in mind that the nation was yet to be on track and now look at what is happening in the Igbo area, when we do not finish with OPC, militants and others.

“I said this journey is a long one and I said we have to remember that we are no longer in military era, this is democracy, where there are rules, lawyers and other things.

“If you listen to what the president is dishing out it like he pleading with lawyers for is help. Because when you discover someone who stole $1 billion, he can hire a lawyer that Nigeria cannot hire. But people reacted to what I said and this is the beauty of democracy. Everybody has freedom of speech.

“You know Buhari, people are talkinhari, people are talking about body language. Everybody has understood where we are heading, but the time we reach, remains unknown. We have to all understand the present situation; corruption is not just stealing money.

“I am not saying we shouldn’t wage this war, but you can’t be silent of the whereabouts of your troops in a war. But people went and said we don’t want the fight against corruption because we are accomplice,” he said.


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