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Google’s New Feature Will Now Help You Plan Your Work

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Google Calendar, which is turning 10 this year, on Tuesday, launched a feature that uses machine learning to automatically set aside time for self-betterment tasks.

The new feature called ‘Goals’ will enable the users to find the right time to the activities they love.

For example, if you want to work out more as a goal, Calendar will ask you how many times a week you will like to work out, for how long, and which time slot you prefer — morning, afternoon, or evening. Then it will take a look at your existing busy calendar schedule and fit your goal into an open space.

Users can choose to defer any goals they can’t complete and the app will move it to a later gap in the day. It will also automatically move any goal event that clashes with something else you manually add to your calendar later.

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“One day it’s ‘I got called into a last-minute meeting.’ The next day it’s ‘I have a friend in town,'” Jyoti Ramnath, product manager for Google Calendar, wrote in an official blog post.

“And before you know it, your goals are delayed or forgotten. In fact, with all the things you need to do in a given week, it’s probably harder than ever to find the time-even when your goal really matters to you.”

In the new version 5.4 of Calendar, the Goals option is now available for both Android and iOS users.

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According to TechCrunch, Google Calendar’s ‘Goals’ feature integrates many of the features from Timeful, a smart scheduling app Google acquired last year.

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