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If I Were Jumoke The Bread Seller…

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By Bola Adewara – 
Recently, I read somewhere online that Jumoke is fuming against people who still call her Jumoke oni buredi (Jumoke the bread hawker). Her real name is Jumoke Orisaguna.

She was quoted as saying hawking bread is a thing of the past. No Jumoke, don’t make a mistake. You just start selling bread. But on a different level!

If I were you, I will go back to that bread. While I continue modelling and making money, I will open a bakery, and start making some crazy bread and label it Jummy Model Bread or Jummy Wonder Loaf or something. With my husband managing it, who says people will not buy if your bread is of better quality? Your new found fame would sell the bread to the high and mighty, the big big clubs and organisations in the society.

Jumoke should be told that the modelling career will not last forever. This is not a curse. I wish her well. But she should start using what she makes now to build a future for her family.

If I were you, I will not leave that bread. Jummy Wonder Loaf is not a bad idea. Or what do you think?

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