The SSS is harassing us; Akwa-Ibom PDP cries out

The Akwa-Ibom State chairman of the the Peoples Democratic Party Obong Paul Ekpo has pleaded for help from the public over what he called unfair treatment by the Department of State Security (DSS) at the venue of the election petition tribunal in Abuja.

He said the DSS is favouring the APC, that members of the PDP are harassed and threatened by agents of the Department of State Security. He also said the APC has focused its attention on Akwa-Ibom and Rivers State where they lost the governorship seat, saying it is against the rules of democracy.



“We wish to use this opportunity to alert the nation and the international community about the undisguised display of partisanship by the agents of the State Security Service at the election tribunal currently sitting in Abuja. Our members and agents have been hounded, harassed, and threatened by agents of the State Security Service.

“The Resident Electoral Commissioner has been equally hounded and unfairly singled out for interrogation. We want to put it on record that what the opposition is doing in Akwa Ibom and Rivers states is against the spirit, ethos and values of democratic norms and traditions.

“Nigeria is not a one-party state and any attempt by the opposition to use the state security to subvert the will of the good people of Akwa Ibom State as expressly given on March 28 and April 11 respectively will be resisted squarely.

“We want the world to ask APC and its agents in the SSS why Akwa Ibom State and Rivers are being singled-out for scrutiny? What happened to those states in the north where it was clearly documented for the whole world to see that under-aged kids were allowed to vote?

“Why are the RECs in those states not being questioned, harassed or hounded? Why Akwa Ibom and Rivers states?


He went ahead to caution the APC, and said that members of the Peoples Democratic Party are ready to defend themselves against all forms of scams by the opposition (APC), he assured them that justice will definitely come into play in favor of the PDP, with particular reference to President Buhari’s interview in the United State describing the just concluded election as free and fair, that any plan by the APC to take the governorship sit by force from the PDP is going outside the confines of the law and  renders the election  not free and fair.


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