TUC Blames Nigeria’s Power Sector Woes On ‘Fraudulent Privatization’

Ten years after the privatization of Nigeria’s electricity sector, there has not been a significant progress in the nation’s power generation and distribution.

The Chairman, Trade Union Congress, Comrade Ben Asogwa, Enugu State branch.


In the view of the trade unionist, the process of the privatization was not transparent, hence the emergence of many companies that have no competence in the field.

He blamed politics and favoritism for the inability of the power sector to record any significant progress ten years after the unbundling.

He told our correspondent that, “Ten years after the privatization has been in the negative. Nigeria’s megawatts ten years ago were around 3,500 and we are presently having about 4, 000mgwts. So, there is no progress. They made us believe that every household will have electricity after the privatization.

“Ten years ago, we were using analogous meters. Today, we are still battling with metering. Instead of providing meters, the distribution companies are now using community estimated billings.


“They keep saying they are not making gains. If it is true, why are they lobbying to retain their licenses? Their interest is to grab their own to the detriment of the generality of Nigerians.”

Speaking also, a business man, Malachy Ezeugwu, said, “If Nigeria is sincere, let licenses of non-performing GenCos and DisCos be revoked, and competent companies allowed to take over the nation’s power sector.

“I’m still at loss how we supply power to Niger Republic, and we don’t have enough. Is it not fraud? Over 50 percent of Nigerians do not have access to electricity. Let this country be serious for one day. Everything shouldn’t be politics.”

THE WHISTLER gathered that the law provides that after ten years, the operations of companies that were licensed to generate and distribute electricity would be reviewed.

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