What We Look Out For In Women For Marriage Or Relationship-Bachelors

There have been divergent views on what men look out for in women for marriage or relationship. To some men, there’s an established fact that marriage is the ultimate risk for many of them and that is the reason many of them drag their feet to the altar.

THE WHISTLER Correspondent sought the opinion of four different men on whether they can marry their girlfriends and here are their responses were divergent.

For instance, when asked if he can marry the lady he is currently dating, Barrister Bernard Anagende responded by saying, “This question is relative because, basically every marriage you see around actually started from somewhere, because your wife initially was your girl friend. By the virtue of the fact that she is a girl and you are a guy, you both first came together as friends.

Barrister Bernard Anagende

“And at the end of the day, the two of you believed you deserve each order, that getting married to each other is worth the time you both spent together thereby going ahead to tie the knot. This doesn’t mean that every relationship must lead to the Aisle”.

Anagende also added; “When a girlfriend becomes a wife, that means she is well deserving, because they are many that had girl friends but ended up not marring them”.

But another bachelor who gave his name as Mr. Emmanuel Godwin said, “It depends on the calibre, because there are some girls that are not destined to be your life partner, but I can marry the girl that I’m currently with because I have a definition of what I want to do with her.”

Emmanuel Godwin

Also speaking to THE WHISTLER, another bachelor who gave his name as Mr. Okeke Paul said he cannot marry his present girlfriend because he is not ready to take things serious with her, except if things work out the way he planned.

Okeke Paul

For Engineer Igwe Okikechukwu Emmanuel, who said he has no girlfriend, responded thus: “The most important thing in going into a relationship is marriage, though not all relationship leads to marriage but at this stage of my life, I don’t think I can go into a relationship that can’t lead to marriage”.

Igwe Okikechukwu Emmanuel

When asked, the type of attributes that a woman can posses before he could marry her, Anagende said; “For me, I believe that, behind every successful man there is a woman.
“First, whomsoever I intend to date or make as my wife must be intelligent, must be very neat, must be friendly, above all I would want somebody that truly love me for who I am, and not for what I am.

“I would want somebody that is accommodating, especially to my family, because in marriage, two people come together to get married. On the lady’s part especially, she have to accept my family as her own, because I believe so much in family love or bond.

He added, “I wouldn’t want a situation whereby the woman I love and want to get married to won’t take my family as her own. If the family fails to accept the lady as part of them, you can never be happy

“Ultimately, the truth is that, true love comes from God, and if that girl friend is my wife, there’s no force from the family that can stop it. But she must have given me a reason to want to marry her, just the way I might have given her a reason for her to accept to marry me, so is not a one sided thing.”

For Godwin, he said there a lot of things to consider before he gets married to a woman.

He said, “When it comes to marriage there are a lot to consider. Number one thing is the lady must be hardworking, must have a dream she want to achieve in life, must be ready to contribute to the family growth and must be God’s fearing because with that, she can be able to handle her family with care.”

For Engineer Igwe, he said: “I look out for who will give me peace of mind, and someone that can make a home. Those are the major things I consider because I wouldn’t want someone that makes trouble”

But for Okereke, he said that he would approach the issue of marriage from the family background, and her State of origin.

He added, “Though not everybody will consider that, and it’s basically when talking about marriage.

On the criteria required to chose a wife, Anagende said, “She must be intelligent, accommodating, neat, she must be homely, friendly, just like I said it all encompasses in being accommodating, she must be someone that has God fearing in her because it is believed that when you have a praying woman, as a man, 90 per cent of your problems are solved. Those are the criteria for me”.

For Igwe, he said, “What I consider is family background, most importantly is genotype, this is because I’m A.S and you have to be A.A for me to marry you, if you are peaceful and calm then we are good. Another thing is, if you live a private life, that’s an addition, because I don’t like social media lifestyle, so it’s better private.”

On his part, Emmanuel said his major criteria in choosing a spouse is the family background.
He said, “I consider family background, hardworking, homely, Respectful and maturity.”

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