Why Nigerians Must Not Allow Them Silence Dino

Senator Dino Melaye on wheelchair


In a democracy, it is safer for the masses to have a democracy that the executive and the legislative arm of government are at loggerheads, especially in a democracy like Nigeria. First, it would reduce collaboration for wanton looting and other financial illegalities. In fact with a President like Buhari that wants too much power to do whatever he wants, whatever he desires, with a CABAL that can manipulate him into doing things for their interest instead of national interest, it is good for the executive and the legislative arms of government to be as they are in Nigeria of today. Senator Dino Melaye has been that voice of opposition, the voice that challenges excesses, the voice that stands firm and strong. It is dangerous for democracy not to have a Dino and this trial of Dino hasn’t got much to do with anything but the police doing a hatchet job for people who don’t want Senator Dino Melaye back in the senate. One of such person is Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State.

Governor Yahaya Bello has set his eyes on second term and one man who would be problem to his second term plans would be Senator Dino Melaye, so Dino has to go through whatever means. Being a friend to President Buhari and a friend to Baba is a friend to his Inspector General, it is quite clear that the persecution of Dino is simply embroiled in show of power to intimidate those who challenge Buhari and his friends. Dino Melaye has to be removed to make things easy for Buhari and his friends.

Look at the OFFA Robery scenario, some gang of happy trigger armed robbers, went robbing and shooting, leaving behind after their robbery a scene that looked like something from a Hollywood movie, over 30 people executed. The police immediately wanted to rope the senate president into the whole thing. One of the robber confessed he was Saraki’s thug. The police are still working on trying to get Saraki roped into that. The case has gone cold now. We don’t know what is going on. As long as Saraki is not going down with Offa robbery, the case doesn’t even look like it interest the police.


Now what did Dino even do this last time? Dino went to commission some of his constituency projects last year, if I am not mistaken around June, his security had been recalled by the police around April of 2018. Before going he informed the police and other security apparatuses, and the Civil Defense Corps gave him some security. On his way back from the event he passed different joint army/police checkpoints without incident but one police on patrol on the highway, they opened fire at Dino’s vehicle. If not that it is bulletproof, Dino would have been history now. The police claimed one of their officers was shot at the scene, I hear bullet from the vehicle ricochet and hit the man as they were shooting at the car at close range. I don’t know which is which. But why shoot at the car of a senator or at anyone’s car for that matter if they are not armed robbers?

Instead of look at the facts of this case some people here on social media are trying to demonize Dino and caricature the man. This was how people willingly gave power to the likes of Adolf Hitler and some of the most dangerous men in history in the name of support for President.

Disclaimer: This article is entirely the opinion of the writer and does not represent the views of The Whistler.


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