Workers Group Knocks Buhari Over Attempt To Gag Media

The All Workers Convergence, has condemned the attempts being made by the present administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari to gag the media.

The National Coordinator of AWC, Andrew Emelieze, said in a statement made available to THE WHISTLER on Monday that ordinary Nigerians would join the media to resist the attempt.

Emelieze, who is the immediate former chairman of the Trade Union Congress in Oyo State, said it was unfortunate that the government which had failed woefully in security could turn around to ask the media to stop reporting attacks against the people.

The National Broadcasting Commission had in a letter dated July 7, 2021 issued a directive asking journalists, television and radio stations in Nigeria to stop “glamourising and giving too many details on the nefarious activities of terrorists and kidnappers.”

But the AWC urged Nigerians to mobilise themselves for massive protest against the attempt to gag the media, insecurity and poor governance in the country.

He said that while the government was making desperate attempts to cover its alleged ineptitude and failure, terrorists, bandits and other criminals keep unleashing more terror on the people.
The statement read in part, “We call on all civil society movement, the trade unions, students and especially our youths to start mobilizing towards this mother of all protest in Nigeria.

“We have nothing to lose except our chains. Alone we are nothing but together we shall win. Freedom is coming our way. We shall overcome.

“We conderm attempts by government to suppress genuine agitations and protest nationwide.

“We join forces with our media to conderm the attempt to control the media and we call on all media personnel to also mobilise massively for the forthcoming mother of all protest which shall help put an end to bad governance in Nigeria.

“We conderm also the uncivilized way President Buhari and some despirate people have been threatening Nigerians with war sounds.”

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