You Are A Member Of PDP, Tinubu blasts Saraki

The national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, on Sunday, described senate president Bukola Saraki as an undisciplined and disloyal APC member, recalling how Saraki disobeyed the APC to vie for the senate president position.

A statement signed by his media director, Sunday Dare, on Sunday, said it was a ridiculous act of disloyalty showing that Saraki may have joined the APC on paper but has remained true to the malpractices and wrong aims of the PDP in his soul.


The statement also dismissed as untrue, reports which speculated a plot between Tinubu and Saraki, against President Muhammadu Buhari, over ministerial appointments.

Meanwhile, senate president Bukola Saraki in his reaction said he has decided not to join issues with Tinubu.

A statement he personally signed confirmed that there has been no meeting or communication between himself and Tinubu since elected Senate President.

He however noted that there was no basis for a newspaper to report that he and Tinubu were plotting to oppose the President Buhari.

The statement read in part, “I recognize Tinubu as one of the leaders of the APC who contributed so much to the victory of the party in the last election.


Some other people also contributed and I believe the collective efforts made it possible for the first time in the history of our party for an opposition party to win the general elections, Let me state clearly that I remain a committed member of the APC and will do all in my power to ensure the party fulfill its promises to bring positive changes into the country.

“Since my election as Senate President, my focus and efforts have been devoted to doing the job that I was elected to do by my constituents and my colleagues in the Senate. Twice, my colleagues have confirmed their support for me as the primus inter pares in the Senate.

“As I said in my speech when we resumed from our recess late September and in Ikenne yesterday, the screening of ministerial nominees will be handled by me and my colleagues with all sense of responsibility and in adherence to the provision of the constitution. We will be fair to all and be guided by the interest of Nigeria.

“The screening will be devoid of sentiment and it is not an opportunity for anybody to settle scores. We are equally eager for us to make a positive difference in our polity and Nigerians will be able to judge us whether we acted in their best interest or not.”


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