Beheading Of Anambra Lawmaker To Destabilise Our Efforts — IPOB

The beheading of Hon Okechukwu Okoye, lawmaker representing Aguata II State Constituency in Anambra State House of Assembly, and his aide was an act of the fifth columnists to destabilise the efforts of the IPOB.

Emma Powerful, spokesman of the Indigenous People of Biafra, stated this in a statement on Tuesday.

Describing the act as ‘abominable’, Mr Powerful said ‘IPOB could not have had anything to do with this abominable act’.

He said, “Enemies of Biafra freedom and traitors in our region are seriously pulling all stunts to derail the freedom of our leader and the freedom of our dear nation Biafra.

“After thorough investigations by our intelligence team, we found out that the abomable beheading of Hon Okechukwu Okoye is the system of the fifth columnists who are bent to destabilising the efforts of the IPOB.

“These barbarians have been well mobilized to create anarchy in our land in an attempt to derail our match to freedom. They will commit these heinous crimes and their pay masters will use a section of the Nigeria compromised media houses to accuse IPOB of being responsible for what we know nothing about.

“The question is: why is IPOB being demonised unnecessarily? The simple answer is that we are fighting for the freedom of our people because we rejected their forceful takeover of our land.”

He said those pointing accusing fingers at IPOB were the masterminds of the heinous acts in the region.

He said, “Those pointing accusing fingers at us are the same people sponsoring the disturbing insecurity in our land, which has been infiltrated by terrorists wearing Nigerian security uniforms and operating under this guise as agents of death and destruction of Biafra land.

“It simply fits into their game plan to accuse IPOB of these horrendous crimes having failed in their initial plan to destroy the ESN created to checkmate the excesses of these maurauders hiding in our forests and bushes.”

He vowed that IPOB would come down on the perpetrators.

Quoting him, “IPOB will hunt these criminals down either directly or indirectly. They will hear from us soon.”

He regretted that Hon Okechukwu Okoye and his aide were kidnapped on the day Gov Charles Chukwuma Soludo visited IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in the DSS custody.

He also condemned those attacking Hausas doing businesses in South East. According to him, “We reiterate once again that Hausas have suffered like Biafrans, and we will not allow any criminal to touch them again. They are free to do their businesses anywhere they like in our land and those who killed mother and children of Hausa extraction should be ready and wait for us.

“IPOB does not give life and we don’t take life. They should stop dragging IPOB into something we know nothing about because of their hatred for us and their desire to scutle the freedom of our leader and freedom of Biafra.

“IPOB/ESN cannot behead our brother and drop notes bragging that we are behind the gruesome murder. The world should take note the similarity between the beheading of this lawmaker and the way they gruesomelly murdered the two army couple last month.

“Governor Chukwuma Soludo must prepare to meet these evil men humiliating and killing our people head-on.”

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