Biden Hopes To Visit Africa ‘In Person’, Notes Continent’s Spirit Of Innovation

Ahead of the 34th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union (AU) scheduled to begin on Saturday, the United States President Joe Biden has assured the leaders that he will most likely visit the continent in person to celebrate its ingenuity among others.

“I hope I can be with you next time in person. I thank you though, Thank you,” he said to the African leaders via a video message tweeted by the White House on Friday.

Biden saluted the creative spirit of Africans, saying that his administration would work with the members of the African Union “to advance our shared vision of a better future.”

Recall that upon assumption of office as the 46 president of U.S., Biden appointed some black Americans into his cabinet as a way of broadening the diversity of his team.

Speaking to the AU participants, he said that an accomodating foreign policy( with Africa) was crucial in advancing the planet.

“We believe in the nations of Africa. In the continent-wide spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. And through the challenges ahead although they are great, there is no doubt that our nations, our people, the African Union are up to this task.

“And engaging in sustaining diplomacy in connection with the African Union and address conflicts that are costing lives all across the African continent,” he said.