Customs Hands Over Siezed Cannabis Sativa, India Hemp, Other Illegal Substances Worth Millions To NDLEA

…Offenders Will Not Go Unpunished — NDLEA

The Nigerian Customs Service NCS, in collaboration with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agencies NDLEA, has revealed that it has intercepted illicit drugs of cannabis sativa, India hemp, and tramadol amongst others.


This was disclosed by the Comptroller General of NCS, Bashir Adeniyi at a handover event of Indian hemp and illicit drugs to the NDLEA on Thursday in Abuja.

He said the seizures were 14,340 kilograms of Parcel of Compresses Indian Hemp, 660 packs of Tramadol, 225mg, 50 parcels of books, 292 Jumbo sacks, 1,461 compressed Indian Hemp, 1,765 packs of Indian hemp, 960 sacks(1kg each), 2,042 packets of D5 and others.

Adeniyi said, cannabis and tramadol are insidious destroyers, posing several threats to public health, security, and social harmony and it is solely not a custom or NDLEA concern, but a national crisis that demands immediate and collective attention.

Revealing how the seizures of illicit drugs were carried out over time, the CG said, “In zone A, we have a total of 13,567 parcels of cannabis sativa, with a combined weight of 7,461 kilograms.


“From zone B, headquarters in Kaduna, we have a total of 1,511 parcels and 292 bags of Indian hemp, 2,409 packets, and 8,700 unregistered sachets of tramadol, along with 2,042 seed nylons containing D5 tablets.

“From zone C, we have a total of 3,213 parcels and blocks and 935 sacks of cannabis sativa. And from Ogun 1 command, we have 2,223 wraps and 144 sacks of cannabis sativa, with a total weight of 3,312.7 kilograms.

Exhibition of the illicit drugs at the handover event in Abuja
Exhibition of the illicit drugs at the handover event in Abuja

“And finally, from Western Marine, we have a total of 1,205 parcels of cannabis sativa, weighing 624 kilograms and 109 packs by 6 pieces by 10th sachet of tramadol. The battle against illicit drugs requires a united front, and communities play a vital role in this fight”.

While decrying the rate at which drugs were smuggled into the country, Adeniyi said, “The alarming extent of this menace is vividly illustrated by the widespread nature of the seizure spanning across various customs commands nationwide.


“It is against this that we are raising this emergency, declaring a national emergency on the menace which draws to illicit importation and the consumption constitutes in Nigeria.

“The seizures which we are about to hand over to NDLEA today are a testament to the relentless effort of the Nigerian Customs Service.”

Adeniyi also noted that five suspects have been apprehended, with one on administrative bail.

He also commended the Controllers for their diligence in ensuring that these drugs were not circulated in Nigeria.

He urged communities along the borders to see themselves as key partners in the quest for a drug-free nation, while assuring that Nigerian laws regarding drug trafficking and abuse will be rigorously applied to ensure that justice is served, and the guilty parties are held accountable.

A cross section of the NDLEA and NCS at the handover event in Abuja
A cross section of the NDLEA and NCS at the handover event in Abuja


While receiving the seized drugs, the NDLEA Chairman, Mohammed Marwa, who was represented by Director of Operations and General Investigation, Samuel Gadzama, said for every crime in Nigeria today, drug has an underlying role.

Gadzama said that the seized drugs will be destroyed in the next 21 days to ensure that nobody pilfers the exhibit and circulates it back into society.

“For every crime and criminality, we are facing in Nigeria today, drug has an underlying role. If we can cut drug abuse and menace, we probably will be solving over 40 per cent of our security challenges in this country. I don’t have statistics, but I’m almost sure that is true.

“And we are not just going to take over this exhibit, but we will take over it and ensure that we will immediately destroy them.

“The reason being that we are not going to give room for the possibility of circulation. People pilfering or tampering with the exhibit take it back to society or whatever. This will be done three weeks from today”.

Gadzama also recommended that the officers who ensured the successful seizure of the drugs be commended.

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